Two years

9.10.11 was exactly two years ago today. Marriage always has its ups and downs, but in the end we really feel closer and more in love than ever. This is a journey I feel so blessed to be on, and I am with a man who continues to surprise and amaze me everyday. Jordan, thank you for your strength and unconditional love. You are my best friend, my confidant, my kindred spirit, and the one with whom I want to spend the rest of my days. 



Maui with the Greeks

We recently returned home from a family vacation/reunion in Maui. Almost all of the Greek side of the family was present, and it was a blast. Here are a few pictures of some highlights!


Hanging out at a gorgeous beach on the North coast of Maui.


Amazing sushi from Miso Phat.


Swimming with sea turtles!


Booze cruise!

Hello from Maui


Jordan and I are in Maui for the week. We are vacationing with his Dad’s entire side of the family, only missing three people! Highlights of our trip include a sunset cruise with our immediate family, a BBQ potluck with the whole gang, and swimming with sea turtles on a snorkel excursion.

The entire has been quite incredible and we are extremely thankful to be here!

church sunset

Lake Tye Tri

This weekend Jordan and his dad Dave competed in an Olympic distance triathlon in Monroe, WA. The total mileage was 0.9 swimming, 28 biking, and 6.2 running.

Vanessa and I spent the day training as well, training to be a spectator that is… Watching a triathlon and coming prepared for the day is an art, one that we have not quite mastered. But but next summer we plan to have the right amount of layers, binoculars, and a map of the course!

I am so proud of Jordan! Is this the first stop on a journey to Ironman? We will see!

lake tye tri